THE PLAN to Mis-lead America – an overview

WHAT –The Plan is to weaken America’s influence around the world and at home to make it easier for competing political philosophies, primarily forms of Marxism and Islamo extremism, to expand their global presence at the expense of freedom and democracy.

WHO –The concept to oppose America’s proliferation of freedom at home and around the world took root in Marxism and various parties of the far left with the historical center being the Soviet Union. This is the reason that countries like Russia still make decisions to back countries like Iran when they have had their own problems with Moslem extremists at home. They are still stuck in the concept that a weaker America is worth the price of dealing with some of the less desirables of the world. With the resurgence in strength of the left in the United States a great many countries with that same goal are become more hopeful and bold.

HOW – Besides supporting and fostering global aggression, the internal turmoil done with sinister intent within the confines of the United States can be traced to the formation of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) in 1919. At the same time less public affiliated underground organizations were instituted with similar funding and guidance as that given to the CPUSA, the backing provided by USSR operatives often with KGB agents in the lead role.

Using tools of PROPAGANDA and INDOCTRINATION in a carefully constructed plan to confuse and destabilize the U.S., propaganda untruth was decided upon as the weapon of choice. This propaganda is disseminated from multiple mouthpieces but it is housed within the halls of education and journalism. This almost brilliant move to challenge society with half-truths and untruths of all nature and kind dilutes the focus and capability of society, fracturing it into multiple impotent parts. Using the educational system to teach their propaganda to future generations including teachers and journalists evolved into a self-purpetuating system to the point where the majority of teachers and consistently over 90% of journalists teach and inform society from the leftist viewpoint.

That is one of the problems with Freedom, those in opposition are free to oppose it.

Their results are achieved by indoctrinating society as a whole and particularly those targeted persons who can most help spread their devious cause. Their foot-soldiers are unions and especially the National Education Association (and teachers unions in general) who support their cause in many ways, including financial. By any standard they have been successful. Successful in recruiting over 30% of the population and introducing enough societal confusion to be very competitive in the ballot box.

Please continue reading about the mis-Leading of America to understand the history and the challenges in stopping this plague.


Notes – (A) According to translated KGB files Joe McCarthy only knew about 10% of what was really going on in his ~1950 red scare. It was actually ten times worse than he reported. (B) In the 1970’s the CPUSA endorsed the democratic party, indicating the growing success of their plan had brought the democrats far enough left so that their policies were substantially compatible if not the same.


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