Synopsis – Obama’s best contribution








Unless you think that we find no redeeming political value in Obama we have decided to post a very positive effect that is attributable to his high profile run for the presidency.

The Threat is Deeply Entrenched
Mr. Obama serves to remind all of us how insidious the leftist propaganda machine is, just the fact that a far left Marxist neophite can be promoted to this point in todays society as part of a power-grab by a tremendously inexperienced person who wants to enslave the population to a discredited political position. For someone who’s singular experience is the negative act of registering democrat voters (that in itself should be listed as anti-american because their leftist polices are, without a doubt) to be promoted to this level serves as a reminder of just how fragile freedom is. Those on the left, whether they understand it or not in their little bubble view of life, are a threat not unlike a revolution and with roots in the same philosophies that has decimated huge populations.

The threat is huge, a large part of the uninformed populace possessing neither memory or perspective are the mis-led footsoldiers for the movement, and the real people need to stand up and become active or everyone gets run over. The decimation caused the leftist movement is obvious in the ills facing society at the present time, we cannot rely on the strength of the U.S. to overcome any further shifts in that direction. This is a threat that could forever change the future of the world. And another dark age we don’t need.


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