Synopsis – What kind of Change is Obama?






Mr. Obama’s Call for Change is a Change in Power
The historical challenge for people was to survive the oppression of their local governments. In a misguided solution Karl Marx proposed that common people take charge, with the effect that incapable people became powerful despots and sought to eliminate their more capable opposition in order to hold onto the reins. It proved to be an inefficient system that targeted the educated, the experienced, the knowledgable, the capable, and freedom in order to maintain their position. It is an ongoing struggle that is fought with lies and propaganda because the truth dare not come out or they would be finished.

In today’s U.S. political environment the leftist movement that had its beginning in the Marxist-Communist philosophy is very strong and active with a comfortable home in the democratic party. The change being sought is a change in power, from someone or something else to a man who would have no chance of obtaining such power in the private sector where at best he would be a junior management trainee. The opportunity for success then becomes a challenge. That challenge finds its opportunity in embracing the discredited Marxist philosophy of promoting the common man to effect a change in power.

Mr. Obama took a couple of steps to build his foundation of support within the movement. First he ingratiates himself to the nation’s toughest and undoubtably most diabolical political machine. Then he enters a national stage and earns the title of the most leftist Senator, setting himself up for a run with backing from both the Chicago machine and the national and international Marxist movements.

All of this to effect change. A change to put a figurehead in office who will not be strong enough to buck either of his support groups, giving them global power and strong strings attached to the most powerful office in the world. The level of indebtiness Obama will have to both groups will allow them to “request” their people be inserted into prime government positions and that they have active input into all matters of state.

So the change is simply a gift, from we the people to them. Change we can depend on to be as stated here. Change that many people with angry leftist sympathies embrace. A paradigm shift in direction ever further leftward until they win it all and everyone else loses.

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