THE LEFT – Enemies of the people






Beyond the Rhetoric 


About the Left: So why do they do it?? Why are the threatening political positions of the left so dominant in the USA today?


There is one reason and it is the same reason as all of those that come from the left. They want more for themselves. More money for them, more power for them, more control for them by being part of a larger and stronger government or government agency – think of the IRS for an example of what we would all have to live under in many other ways beyond what we already do today.

Today: Marxist poison runs through the veins of this country. We are witnessing a third incarnation, rebirth if you will of Marxism, what is sometimes referred to as neo-marxism, a new generation of Marxists-leaning students (adherents, not scholars) who rapidly and conveniently forget the horrible truth about those leftist policies that not only cost hundreds of millions of lives and caused numerous wars and innumerable conflicts, but ruined the quality of life for hundreds of millions more and for multiple generations.

The Beginning: From cradle to grave we are bombarded by the ruinous leftist propaganda that is carefully designed to weaken and ultimately defeat the experiment in freedom called America.

It all began with Karl Marx in the late 1800’s. His ideas became established in both Germany and Russia with results that are well known.

Marxism substituted one all-powerful state as the solution for the problems of labor in dealing with a multitude of businesses, some good, some bad. It was a bad exchange however. It removed the choice of simply changing jobs or choosing to educate oneself in order to attain a new position. Under Marxism those choices were lost and the state made the decision about your future.

In the USA the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was funded and supervised by the USSR from 1919 until 1991 and had a secret underground apparatus to carry out USSR dictates, as was subsequently released in translated KGB archives. The CPUSA is defiantly Stalinist in its orientation which was one of the most deadly forces on the planet over the last 100 years. Their goals continue to be the same as those dictated by the Soviet Union and it is a very serious matter of concern that they (the CPUSA) strongly support the modern day democratic party. Those leftist goals are the toppling of our system, plain and simple.

In the 1950’s: According to released KGB files Joe McCarthy was only partially correct. The reality of the communist involvement in internal U.S. affairs was many times more than McCarthy guessed. He was not only right, he was very restrained in his estimates but the dominent media with their strong connections to the Marxist left came down hard on the truth and distorted it as the good soldier for the ‘movement’ that they are.

In the 1980’s: In a similar KGB release Senator Edward Kennedy was disclosed to have had multiple secret negotiations with the Soviet Union during the Reagan administration and his attempts were unsanctioned and counter to official U.S. policy, fitting the definition of treason.

Their Tools: The tools of the left are the media, the educational system, and unions. They have succeeded to a remarkable degree.

These were established in the beginning by the CPUSA as the instruments with which to insert the poison of the Marxist left into the US political system. Just as the Communist educational system throughout the world was rich in propoganda, the same techniques were employed in a little different manner as a carefully calculated and patient model to change the leader of the free world toward the one-world Communist goal that they presumed was inevitable. This the internal takeover referred to by Soviet Union leader Khrushchev in his famous speech where he pounded his shoe on the table and shouted “We will bury you!”. Upon further questioning he admitted that it was not an overt threat of direct military action, but an programmed change from the inside that was already in place which would lead to the US becoming like and joining with the USSR.

The Media: if you wonder about media bias, over 90% of the media as a whole is and has been democrats for decades with the high being 94%. It is no wonder that half of the population believes in political agendas instead of political fact, they have been well trained by educators and the media since the 1920’s in a planned move. This is no accident and worthy of exposure and resistance. The plan of the left results in slavery, nothing less.

Education and Unions: These two tools of the Marxist movement and their US ally, the CPUSA, combined to become an influential part of the National Education Association, the infamous NEA. It was a rather brilliant strategy, to use a union which is one of their tri-fecta of tools, to infiltrate and mold the educational system into their vision of America. Eventually an overwhelming majority of educators and members of the media have become graduates of the CPUSA inspired education machine and decades ago reached the point where over 90% of these two professions claim the democrat party as their political home.

Change We Need! The media and educators have been well trained by the Marxist left AND there is no plan in effect to change that fact. But that is the kind of change that we need, to break the hold that the left’s propaganda machine has on information and get the truth out. It is time to stop mis-Leading America!

It is no wonder so many people do not think to resist the yoke and repression the left seeks to saddle us with. The regressive-sinking-smothering big-brother that seeks to take your freedom and income to build a corrupt and hollow socialist state.

 There are two groups on the Left, the Followers and the Leaders

The followers are misguided and naïve at the least, or selfish and lazy wanting the government to do more for them and legislate them an advantage. Anyway you slice it is a problem. It is not right for the country and is abusive to others. These followers may be angry and want destruction in our country or they may just be co-opted by the propaganda.

The leaders on the left are liars who are very dispassionate, power-hungry, self-centered anti-American people who are willing to sacrifice people into bondage to achieve their personal and ego-centric goals.

Their tools are 1) dividing the populace in all manner of class envy and along other group lines, and 2) to use monetary and other strings to control both the taking and the giving of benefits will the goal of indebting all segments of society to them to the point where there might be fear of retribution if you did not continue to support and agree with those whom you are beholding to. In that agenda the status quo is not the plan, but continued steps to the Left are, which continues to give up self (and the freewill of others along with it) and increase the control of those in charge.

Add to that the arrogance that they do this with, hoping that you won’t be smart enough to figure them out. Your challenge is to prove them wrong. We are giving you the information that you need to overturn the plague on society, and truly on the world, that United States Marxist leaning politicians want to take you.

Others see through the complex shams being perpetrated for certain parties ulterior motives, and many of those who do see through it are persecuted for their beliefs.

One way to describe them is as illusional speakers talking to delusional followers.

Part of a World Problem: The diatribe of a political leftist is so tilted that they end up being one-sided, not only not recognizing the accuracy of the political right, but attacking all that are not the same as them and showing outrage when any small amount is given back to them. This mimics the same inequitable outrage shown by Moslems over any perceived slight, yet Christians and others are drastically abused the world over with barely a sound or a whimper being heard on the world stage. These are the two big hypocrisies in the world today, the Moslem extremists and the leftist extremists. They have the same playbook. They are quick to accuse yet are fueled in large part by anger and even hatred which run roughshod over anything else regardless how much sense it makes. Destruction is their mantra and they push it like there is no tomorrow. Vitriol has a home and it can be confirmed on the blogs and media of the left. Those of strong character who stand against them must do so with a certain amount of kindness and invitation in the hope that they can calm themselves and find political salvation. Until then their rantings must not be allowed to squelch honest people.

Blown Cover: Leftists have recently shown that they are unprincipled and have provided additional proof that they are not all that they try to portray themselves as. They are only self-centered and any pretend concern for others is a sham and a fallacy. Their lies about their motives are exposed by their extreme one-sided attacks on those who get in their way or oppose their dangerous agenda. For example feminists on the left are simply agitators and attack dogs for the dogma with which they are enraptured, and the same can be said of many groups and people who are unapologetic vessels for the hatred of humanity that extreme leftists become.

It seems that Europeans are more aware of the threat posed by the left than the insulated American population. They are more international in their experiences than the average American and have suffered many of the ravages and threats of those ideologies more directly than the US has.

The left sugarcoats the negatives of their policies, promising you that they feel your pain. They are ensconced in lies often wrapped in a smooth delivery. That is their formula of deceit that is imperative for them to use since they must hide the truth at all costs. Can you imagine an honest person of the left and their speeches would be like? Filled with the platform of the Communist Party USA but accurately detailing their goal for power and the damage that it would do to all who were not “on their team”. In that scenario you truly have the haves and the have nots.

We can imagine the promises that would be made in that one! “I promise to ignore the perils of the world, to increase the number and scope of the laws over each and every one of you, to increase taxes as I see fit, to increase the size and control of government, to reduce your freedoms since you don’t really know what is good for you anyway, to unleash economic decline for you the people, and to make sure that my hands are firmly in control of the increased power that those changes will give ME! And isn’t that what it is all about anyway?”  It is a mild cover for the age-old desire for power and control.

A progressive is actually a regressive, it is just another name for a leftist liberal trying to disguise their political position and trying to put a positive spin on it and hide the truth. The use of the word itself is propaganda. A Progressive is just a repackaged Marxist and they are trying to go back 60 to 120 years to when that was in vogue.

The military is ridiculed by many of those on the left because the money spent there subtracts from their domestic social engineering and the funds they can manipulate at home to increase their power and control over all segments of society. Compare this position to the Communist position and try to find the differences.

Lose-Lose-Lose. You’ve heard of win-win? We sometimes hear of a win-win-win situation, something that is good for all parties. The leftist agenda is a three-pronged losing situation. Loss of national defense protections, loss of economic well-being, and loss of freedoms in a shift to government dependency. Lose-lose-lose. If you move toward a more bloated civil government the removal of that money from the private sector stymies innovation, profitability, and self-reliance.

Perspective: Many on the left think that the entire spectrum consists of just the left half. According to them if you are not on the left you are a right-wing extremist, even those who are centrists. Even if they have no understanding of the logic that provides the foundation of the right side, just to have some credibility they must admit that it exists or they lose all credibility. If they can somehow learn to comprehend the value of all of the positions that summarize converge on the right then everyone is better off. It they cannot understand then they are just not wired that way, but their motivation can certainly be called into question and they do not make a good case that they in any way are capable of representing an informed populace.


The left lies with impunity because they have to! The fact that they have to lie to mis-lead defines their position.

The left is baseless as it is currently presented by politicians who are running for office. Their statements contain no facts, only their wishes. And wishing doesn’t make it so.

Question yourself if you find yourself tolerating the left. If you are, ask yourself what the reason is that you are allowing yourself to be mis-led.

Question yourself if you are tempted to cast your vote on personality or the fact that you like the person. Vote on the candidates political position! It is incredulous the number of people who do not understand this basic tenet of determining the best person for the job. It can be done on paper by listing the and prioritizing the topics. See our other posts.

Are you going to follow the crowd or become intellectually involved and independent of the propaganda machine? LEARN about the political positions and problems of the last 80 or the last 800 years. Don’t base all of your beliefs on the last 8 years without any base of reference.

There is a reason that the departure from class and civility is much more noticeable on the left. Look at the political positions that they encompass on the far left of the spectrum.

The left is not less positive or less good than the right; it is a negative, going in the wrong direction, the opposite of a positive position with positive programs. The leftist movement causes a systemwide loss, a quagmire of leftist agendas.

The left is away from democracy, it is the minus direction.

Followers are manipulated, lied to about the true goals and positions of the left.

Leaders on the left incorrectly attribute to themselves many of the benefits of very different political positions other than their true ones, which is no surprise given the challenges involved. Co-opt is the word that best describes the act of a leftist attributing benefits from the right in describing their mis-leading platform.

The left provides a home for those who prioritize privilege and power over people.

The left is the lazy direction, you don’t have to bother with supporting facts.

The elitists on the left are not enlightened but dreamers. Like Newt Gingrich said, “What planet are they from? Not this one.”  Those in Hollywood make a living with fantasy and it is very obvious that most of them lack the skills to separate that from real life.

The political left represents economic brakes, victims, divisiveness, extremists, more terrible language than those on any other part of the spectrum, less individual freedom, economic and state slavery, inefficiency, large government, Marxist loving, ill-informed or power hungry, selfishness, and societal poison. Any different definition of a political leftist are imaginary.

 Leftists mistakenly believe that you can vote yourself a free lunch.

Playing the leftist game is suicidal.

Leftists think that that their opinions and their desire to be in charge are as important as facts and can be credible reasons for running for office.

It is a misconception that most Americans are liberal or left leaning. The fact is that 60% of Americans know the dangers of the leftist political agenda but you would never know it because the media is so overwhelmingly on the side of the left.

In contrast the Right side of the political sprectrum offers more more incentive, more motivation, more freedom, more money in circulation, less brakes on the economy, more responsibility, more constitutional freedom as it was designed to be, an overall gain in all areas.

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