PBM – the Propaganda Bubble of Misinformation



Some people believe that since the fall of the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) that the United States of America has reigned as the number one country in the world utilizing deceptive political propaganda, much of it generated by internal forces, to influence society. In today’s age of instant global communications foreign as well as domestic sources of misinformation are in play.

The roots of modern political propaganda have been utilized most effectively by the communist politicians of the world since the early 1900’s as methods of communication have burgeoned . In the U.S. there has been a concerted effort by global communists and their supporting factions to influence the country as a way of weakening and subverting it to foreign will.

The United States asserted its positive power around the globe, most notably to help win World War One, World War Two, and defeat the red communist scourge that had spread to over 100 countries. Those defeated powers sought ways to subvert that power and played a longer and very patient game to weaken them and provide future opportunities for the resurgence of dictatorial governments and power- hungry individuals.


Communism spawned the modern Leftist movement throughout the world. In 1919 the Communist Party USA was formed (CPUSA) with deep ties to labor unions. In a three-pronged approach communism advanced their agenda through a targeted plan to gain influence over people by substantially taking over the media and higher education. In retrospect their tactic of using labor, schools, and media to confound, confuse, and influence the population has been highly successful.

  • In the 1950’s Senator Joseph McCarthy sought to stem the advance of communism in the USA and reveal the Soviet Union as the source and financial supporter of the movement. Many on his list were later found to be actual spies for the Soviet Union. Leftist politicians were incensed at his attacks and attempted to convince people that the true numbers were only a fraction of what he supposed. During the 1990’s released Russian KGB archives confirmed that the true numbers of those supported by the Soviet Union within America were ten times the amount that McCarthy speculated, which would be 50 to 100 times the amount the Leftist politicians were trying to make the people believe.
  • During the 1960’s the US political landscape was changed dramatically so that by the time the 1970’s rolled around the political landscape and moved farther left and government regulation and influence and control over everyday life had grown to the point where it supplanted the notion of freedom that America had been founded upon, and remains so to this day. With those like Senator McCarthy soundly defeated, the Soviet Union spent more money on instigating and supporting dissent in the United States during this decade than they spent on the military effort to stop the US in Vietnam, according to Russian KGB archives.
  • During the 1980’s released Russian archival documents stated that US Senator Ted Kennedy had contacted them on back-channels stating that President Reagan did not mean all that he said and begged them to please don’t be upset with us. This was directly subverting official US policy and according to the Russian source amounted to treason.
  • During the 1990’s Russia opened up after the fall of the Soviet Union, releasing information on their propaganda and other subversive efforts directed against Western Powers that primarily targeted the United States. With their transition away from totalitarianism (at the time) propaganda ballooned within the US from Leftist sources both domestic and foreign, becoming the new world leader in this dishonorable category.
  • After 1990, whether outright supporting communism or not, George Soros has been a primary supporter of the PBM in tandem with foreign communist and other Leftist powers who have been increasing their efforts as since that time. This has resulted in a noticeable weakening of positive US influence in the world.

Modern US liberalism is an offspring of, and engineered by, regressive communist powers (USSR) who spent more money in America during the Vietnam era on propaganda and dissent in America than they actually spent in Vietnam and the anti-USA war effort, according to Russian KGB archives. This launched the previously seeded propaganda into the mainstream.


The result of Leftist policies is a stratified society with the haves and the have nots. The Soviet Union had an official policy of equality but the reality was that most of their people had a fairly equal and lower position in life while those in government lived in relative luxury off of their backs. Along with the superior position, those in power had authority over the rest. Gone was freedom, opportunity, and a strong economy with its upward mobility.

It is nothing less than the dismantling of America. This is part of the stated Soviet Union (communist) plan that has been in effect at least since the 1950’s and possibly before. Not in order to replace it with something better, but to reduce America so that it is weak and can be better manipulated by those who have more nefarious goals.


The Propaganda Bubble of Misinformation deceptively weaves layers of propaganda to hide and misconstrue the reality of any given situation. With a constant barrage of misinformation from much of the media and educators the Leftist forces disassociate people from reality by various degrees and substitute a false reality which has many layers, making it difficult to tell the difference between what is false and the factual reality at the root. Along the way it removes equal opportunity and disproportionately supports those that are favorable to their predetermined Leftist agenda, while leaving the rest to do more of the work and pay more of the taxes which they utilize to support their agenda.

Because it is an artificial propaganda bubble, anyone interested in factual information must be careful not believe misleading Leftist information. Be aware, it is known to most leaders of the Leftist movement that their promises amount to no more than manipulative lies, used as a means to a different end than the one promoted. Idealism is the carrot, tyranny is the result.

What is a Leftist?

Let’s take a look at the Linear Political Spectrum to properly and accurately define the various political systems.


It is important to note that the far Left Dictator position includes NAZIs (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party), Communists, and religious Dictatorships.

Leftists see the world, or at least portray it to others through the distorting lens of Leftist propaganda, which is based upon and was perfected by the ‎communists of the 20th century. (diagram: thru lens and skewed or fully inverted)The ideal position for maximum freedom, equality, and economic opportunity is on the line that is the junction between the Conservative and Libertarian positions on the LPS. The average American defines themselves as being on the Right side of the Moderate position. Yet many US politicians are Leftists and Far Leftists, with at least one prominent Socialist Senator. Surprisingly 46% of US Democrats polled in 2016 considered themselves as Conservative, a far cry from the typical Democratic politician. This major disconnect can be credited to the pervasive PBM clouding the judgement of the voters.

For more details visit: https://theconservativelibertarian.com/57/

  • Leftist politics pollutes society, making almost all aspects worse and more sluggish. Leftist propaganda manipulates the population, politicians, and votes.
  • Leftists are baby communists, it is just a matter of degree, and a dangerous direction that cannot always be easily stopped. It is difficult to bring a society back from the brink of tyranny. The Suffocating policies of the Left which are promoted by the PBM promote foster underachievement.
  • Leftist supporters are often weak and/or naïve. Leftist politics are an off-shoo‎t of communist propaganda, inaccurate and misleading.

A Leftist is a regressive Marxist, where the sum total of their actions is a negative. In the new propaganda state Leftist extremism is being presented as a moderate standard. It is a by-product of Leftist policies that they cost more than they return, widening the deficit the further left it is. ‎Just like ISIS, they have to continue taking over other resources in order to sustain themselves. These are destructive policies that can only be convincing if the facts are misrepresented in their propaganda. Of course it sounds better for a politician if they have more money to spend, but they conveniently leave out the cost and the consequences.


Many of the victims of the PBM have a connection to higher education and journalism which have a commonality in that journalists come through the distorted lens of the infiltrated education field. With falsehoods indoctrinated into them, many continue promoting the propaganda they have been fed and the cycle continues, just as it did in the Soviet Union when children were indoctrinated by the state.

Elitists most often have higher educational backgrounds, less of a grasp on reality and common sense, and are pervasive throughout media, government, and teaching. They teach the Leftist agenda as the truth which provides ongoing support to the PBM. They speak, write, and blanket the political conversation with faux reality which misleads and weakens society, with a goal of making them obedient followers. Followers of who is the question? Followers of nefarious people and powers both domestic and foreign.



Both goals of chasing Utopia to the Left or Opportunity towards the Right have risks. (R) Opportunity means having an openess and less restrictive environment that allows some to fail. (L) Utopia may cost an infinite amount of money while strangling work and the creation of wealth, making it an impossible dream with a resulting downward economic spiral toward disaster ending in the opposite of the intent, failure for everyone


A unified group or country is stronger than a diversified group. The Leftist PBM policy is to divide the people into subgroups creating division, then promise each group special funding or privileges in order to garner their political support. This is a classic divide-and-conquer technique applied to groups of people. In the opposite direction all are given equal opportunity and less restraint, with individual accomplishment being recognized and rewarded. Each person and group as part of the whole provides a strength that disparate smaller factions do not possess. Too much diversification naturally pits one group against another, wasting resources and clearly reducing the nations potential.

Instead of “divide and separate” as a strategy to mislead groups of people with separate political targeting that pretends to benefit them, an inclusive strategy with the same rules and the same hands off protection for all people will provide the most benefit society to as a whole.

Don’t selfishly vote for bad policy just because it sounds good for you. Likely it is not in going to be in your self interest in the overall scheme of things even if it seems like it in the near term. Instead, vote for the best freedom and economic outcome for the nation and you will have the best opportunity possible, along with everyone else.

Be diligent and watch for any signs of artificial economic tinkering, intervention, or manipulation, is in most cases it is a ruse, pretending to implement positive improvement. That outcome is highly unlikely, typically adding more layers of damaging bureaucracy and political control over what is a natural “law” or occurrence that would best operate in the most efficient manner possible with little or no manipulation.

Artificial Manipulation of an economic situation leads to reduced results. This means that for the most part, government intervention trying to dictate results is less efficient than doing nothing at all. The government should support the economic engine which benefits and lifts up all members of society by keeping hands off of small businesses in particular, the nations overwhelmingly dominant economic driving force. It produces more jobs, more benefits to the middle class and all levels of society, and more global competitiveness which lifts and expands the national economic engine taking everyone with it. The US is in a choke hold by the Marxist Left and overwhelming government interference in ‎both their personal lives and their business activities.

PBM supported artificial manipulation of the economy using government intervention causes further economic drag and reduces its ability to bounce back. The 2007-8 government-caused global downturn (mandated Fair Housing Act) could have significantly recovered within a couple of years given that the typical hand-off recovery occurs in 18 months. Instead, the constant political manipulation and misguided government overspending served to increase the burden and downward economic pressure, negatively effecting everyone connected to it.


Let’s stop the propaganda and call them what‎ they are, regressive not progressive, Marxists. Leftist Regressive Marxists.

Doran and Zimmerman wrote:

It seems that the debate on the authenticity of global warming and the role played by human activity is largely nonexistent among those who understand the nuances and scientific basis of long-term climate processes.[16]  (Peter Doran and Maggie Kendall Zimmerman of the Earth and Environmental Sciences department, University of Illinois at Chicago)

Americans specifically among others in the global community have been subject to lifelong propaganda and indoctrination leading to a high percentage of misguided political opinions and election outcomes. With there being 90% or more at times of media, teachers, and unions affiliated with the Marxist based Leftist movement, there are generations of people buying into the misguided alternate reality being promoted by this fault-ridden agenda to voluntarily rid people of their freedom and their chances of success in life.

The outcomes are clear: Society will decline to its lowest common denominator instead of aspiring to its best, and economic expenditures will continually exceed income leading to net losses that new growth areas will struggle to match and only be able to overcome with great difficulty. Everyone loses except those at the very top of the political power pyramid.

It is part of a persistent plan to dismantle the greatness of America and the great good that it has done. Learn from history, take actions that advance the entire economic engine instead of fragmenting and

suppressing it. It is artificially subdividing the population into categories and pitting them against each other, instead of looking at the economy and society as a whole. It promotes negativism instead of positive growth for all, and fragments society and their wealth.

Do not capitulate to authoritarian propaganda, whether secular or religious themed.

In Summary

Many highly educated people are told what to think in a form of PBM brainwashing. They are not well grounded and get more easily detached from reality. They have even written articles stating that reality is a burden and not so great! So why not live in an imaginary world? That explains a lot about Hollywood’s leftist tendencies. The Leftist propaganda influence is all around and permeates most aspects of the world and current American life in a targeted plan of ultimate subservience.

The most resistant people are those who learn from real life experiences that they most likely get from their family, job, or business. Since the media and education fields are highly controlled by Leftists, along with organized labor, in a targeted strategy, the more highly educated people are much more likely to be adversely (negatively) influenced by the PBM. Only a strong grasp of reality coming from family, business, or a hands-on job or other similar environment tends to keep people grounded and able to see through the mist of misinformation and control that is insidiously creeping through all aspects of life by powerful forces and minions who do not know better.

The Leftist inspired PBM is one of the primary reasons there is less opportunity than there should be. As they skew the information and thus the peoples perceptions away from reality and toward their myopic vision, most will decrease so that a few can increase. It is a form of dictatorship by insider position and rank, with most people having less and accomplishing less than is otherwise possible due to being outside of the power structure and being fed misinformation. More than a glass ceiling, it is a special club dividing people into an insider group of Haves, and leaving the rest as Have-Nots. Don’t continue being a victim without fighting back with your ballot and every other resource at your disposal!

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