Silence the Competition






Politics & Economics – Beyond the Rhetoric

We always wondered how the German and Russian people could allow people like Hitler and Stalin to gain control of their countries and inflict such devastation on the planet. There is a formula to accomplish this kind of madness and it appears that Borack Obama has found it.

First you need some sort of crisis as an excuse to consolidate power in the leaders. Then the competition is summarily attacked and conquered. Competition in politics and perhaps even in the marketplace is silenced. The results are one-party governments that are more dictatorial than democratic.

We know that BO’s political agenda comes from the 1920’s and 1930’s expansion of socialism throughout the world that was embraced by both Russia and Germany in which one then the other lead cruel expansion programs. The current situation is a strong reflection of that time and place of liberal expansionism. Their is nothing forward-looking or advanced about the present slide toward the liberal oblivion away from freedom. We have an economic crisis which is of the Democrats own making, now the people are piling on the bandwagon, kool-aid firmly in hand, ready and willing to give him all of the tools that he will say he needs to help them.

This path to destruction is a very dangerous one and if allowed to continue there may be no turning back. We fear that extraordinary powers will be asked for by the government, at the expense of freedoms, and those who object will be branded racist and impediments to the recovery and enemies of the state. This is the opportune setup for a power grab, which is and always has been the primary but unstated (at least in public) goal of the left, as it has been these many decades.

Once more government power is requested and solidified from their crowds of adoring fans, the  process to stamp out any meaningful and uncontrolled opposition will increase its attacks on the free press. The litmus test for the this battle will be the democrats demand for equal time on all conservative talk radio broadcasts and other media. The left already controls over 90% of all media and this last bastion of opposition is not tolerable to those who would run 100% of our lives because they simply know what is best for us. This is classic old-world Marxism that leads to disaster, who would have thought that America would have taken this huge step backwards at this advanced time? And at a time so soon after the fall of the USSR? It is a scenario worthy of the beginning of the end times.

Since the left relies on their propaganda machines to paint the imaginary picture they would have us believe in place of reality, any media that tells the truth or who is not in line with their marching orders is a huge thorn in their sides. Their altered reality must become the law of the land in the very dangerous game they are playing.

How to defeat them? The answers are always the same. Learn the history of the left and it’s roots then throw it out on it’s ear. Why more than 2% of the population votes for these power-hungry extremists who daily chip away at our freedoms is unimaginable to us. Nevertheless it is the reality of today.

When we ask people why these historical and fairly obvious truths are not apparent to all Americans we hear time and again that leftist voters don’t think. That is what is so frustrating. They feel, which is how they have been encouraged to live their lives, so that an uncaring leaer who pretends “To Care” can lead them around by the nose. Wash your pablum down with Kool-Aid, lefties.

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