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September 7, 2008




Politics & Economics – Beyond the Rhetoric

Welcome to the Conservative Libertarian, we are glad to have your participation in preserving and expanding the freedom that America was founded on. A great many people over the decades and centuries have defined the freedom of man and it is that knowledge looked at from a logical perspective using scientific principles of discovery that establishes the facts of our comments.

For the last 90 years we have been infested with corrupt leftist politics that began in 1919 with the establishment of the Communist Party USA, became embedded in our news media and schools, and now lives in the Democratic Party. The Soviet Union and KGB had a major impact on the movement of American politics to the left over that time with the singular goal of deflating our economy and our country so that we can be taken over after being weakened from both the inside and out. That weak defense and suicidal domestic direction is more entrenched throughout the USA than ever.

We at ConLib are an educational resource bringing perspective to those events from a larger picture, defining events and motivations over the last century and applying them to the political events of today. If you are on the left and wonder why the rest of the world stands against you, your answers are here. If you are on the right, the Linear Political Spectrum (LPS) will allow you to easily determine the pros and cons of most political proposals by mentally placing it on the LPS graph and determining whether it supports people or government. Once the relative position or direction is determined for any political subject then the results of that direction can be observed by the other parties shown and plotted, or those in the direction indicated.

This site is not a discussion, we do not engage in debate. We publish our findings based upon proper historical research and from a large scale perspective of the overall picture. Legitimate press may contact us via email at:

Our Conservative Libertarian name is derived from the place on the political spectrum where we have the greatest freedom and the greatest economic ability as a society. Government is the greatest intrusion into and threat upon ones life based upon history. A government should be just large enough to protect the people and their freedoms, nothing more. Otherwise it puts tremendous brakes on both and becomes a burden if not an outright threat to We the People.