How to Choose a President





Beyond the Rhetoric 


In order to choose intelligently a simple mathematical comparison of the candidates and their weighted positions can be made in two columns.

First priotise the most important federal government duties. Next assign each a weight depicting their priority. Then assign a value for each candidate and add them up.

1) We list National Defense as the federal governments top priority, and assign it the highest importance value of 0 to 100. That is the “weight” it is given showing it is the most important.

2) We list a candidates Position on the Political Spectrum equally important, assigning it the same value of 0 to 100.

3) We list experience, especially executive experience next. This is not as high on our list as the other two so we give it a weight of 0 to 60.

4) Character and honesty are important components. We are tired of being lied to by our politicians. Assign this a weight of 0 to 40.

5) How much they owe others. There could be payoffs and possible rewards so who their friends are is important, as well as who their supporters are. This can be shown as a negative value if it is presumed that they owe others. We assign a value of -30 to 0.

6) Energy keeps us strong and free, we assign it a value of 0  to 70.

Now we add them up for each candidate. You can do it on a piece of paper in columns. Here are our results:

Obama: 10, 20, 8, 10, and -17 for a total of 31.

McCain: 85, 65, 34, 37, 0 for a total of 221.

More less important items can be added to the list with smaller weighted values but those listed are usually enough to make a decision. In this case the difference in our logical and mathematical comparison shows a difference of greater than seven fold between the two, not even close.

The same can be done for the ticket as a whole or separately, the vice-presidential candidate reflects on the presidential candidate and can be included in those nymbers as one “ticket”.

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