Politics & Economics – Beyond the Rhetoric

There is a stark contrast between the left and right political parties and between the candidates for public office that is being muddled intentionally by the media and the democrats in order to make their candidates appear to be more mainstream and acceptable. DON’T BE FOOLED.

For 70 years we fought the dishonest and murderous Communists and National Socialists. We defeated them less than 20 years ago. Now our lack of memory of those times and all of the global hardships of the last century seem forgotten and there is a resurgence IN THIS COUNTRY that actually threatens to take the United States far in the same direction as those evils that we fought and died for for so long. If that is not the definition of political insanity we beg to ask what is.

The right side of the political spectrum which is mostly represented by republicans and other conservatives is the party of liberty with it’s roots in Lincoln. All freedom loving people should find themselves staunchly lined up on the right side of the equation if they knew the truth and have not been co-opted by by falsehoods and the reinstituted slavery of the state.

The left side are the big-government utopian parties who have fallen into the fallacy that if they were just given enough power and enough control over people that they could fix all societal ills simply by mandate. Just by wishing it so. The left is represented by big government in all of it’s forms, from the Marxist-based socialists, communists, and national socialists through iron-handed dictators and other oppressive governments.

Don’t be fooled, Obama is a devout adherant of the far left who firmly believes that him and his radical cluster of advisors are the preferred decision-makers for all aspects of your life. Even if you are inclined to conserve your energy and let others make decisions for you, these policies will strip you of your motivation and incentive and increase your level of bondage. You see, nothing comes without a price and the leftist world-view is unattainable, the cost far outweighs the benefits at every single turn.

Investigate for yourself and vote right.

Vote for people and not government oppression.

Vote right, not left.

Vote right, not wrong.

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