Synopsis – The Urban Leftist Myopic Bubble







Insulating Liberal Leftist Views from Perspective and Reality
Take a look at Mr. Obama’s most ardent supporters from places like San Francisco and Hollywood. There is a well understood insulation in urban areas where residents can go through life and hear nary a word from outside of the pervasive and planned indoctrination from leftist teachers, media, and many other people and friends who are just like themselves. This bubble is artificial in nature and part of a well-oiled propaganda machine that spreads well in the close confines of modern urban America. A balanced and accurate world view is a difficult challenge to obtain in such circumstances.

The unfortunate result is that far far too many people, even some with good intentions, buy into the leftist-Marxist party line like children wishing their favorite fairytale was true. They live in an alternate reality and it often takes a momentous change or physical move to restore their sight from the Urban Political Myopia.

The elitist left often operates from a narrow band of understanding, if that, and often a great deal of negative emotion.

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